Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts Workshops are held at Southern Roots weekly throughout each month.  Cost of each class/workshop includes all supplies, as well as water and a light refreshment.  Reservations are required to attend.


Pick and choose the class(es) you'd like to attend.  Call the store at 540-814-0604, or send an email to to make your reservation.  Pay the day of the workshop with cash, check or credit card.


Paper Crafts Workshop, $35 per person

Tues, June 27th, 3-5PM

Southern Roots

Smith Mountain Lake, VA

"Drop In" Workshop - Rustic Porch Flag, $15 per person

Fri, June 30th 1-5PM <--NEW

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June Schedule

​6/27 (Tues) 3-5PM - Paper Crafts, $35 per person

6/30 (Fri) 1-5PM - "Drop In" Workshop - Rustic Porch Flag, $15 per person<--NEW


July Schedule
7/11 (Tues) 3-5PM - Oil Painting (Floral Scene), $45 per person

7/14 (Fri) 3-5PM - Kids ONLY Jewelry Workshop, $25 per person

7/14 (Fri) 6-8PM - Oil Painting Workshop (Lake Scene), $45 per person

7/20 (Thur) 6-8PM - Stress Management/Healthy Eating Discussion Workshop, $35 per person

7/22 (Sat) 1-3PM - Jewelry Workshop, $35 per person

7/25 (Tues) 3-5PM - Deco Mesh Wreath Workshop, $45 per person

7/25 (Tues) 6-8PM - Deco Mesh Wreath Workshop $45 per person



Workshop Summary

Paper Crafts - In this class you will make a variety of items using Stampin' Up paper products, including seasonal cards, bookmarks, wine tags and candy treats.  Your instructor, Charlotte Bishop will have Most items pre-cut and ready for assembly.  Some items will require ink stamping and color shading.  Step-by-step instruction provided on all projects.  All supplies are included in the cost of the class.

Oil Painting - Start with a blank canvas and end up with a masterpiece!  Your instructor, local artist Dana Phillips, will give you step-by-step instruction on how to layout, sketch and paint a lake themed landscape using oil paints.  All levels of experience welcome, but NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE OR TALENT IS REQUIRED!  All supplies are included in the cost of the class.

Deco Mesh Wreath - Come learn the technique I use to make our beautiful Deco Mesh wreaths!  You can pick the 
color(s) of Deco Mesh and ribbons for your wreath from our in-store supplies to make a wreath customized to your 
home/house/dock decor.  All supplies are included in the price of this class.  Any additional signage or embellishments added to the wreath are an additional cost.

Jewelry Making/Remaking - In this class, you will learn how to make several types of jewelry, including a pair of earrings, a necklace pendant, a necklace and a bracelet.  Your instructor, Lori Hurt, will discuss the purposes for each tool used in the class, as well as teach you how to use that item.  Step-by-step instruction will be given on how to make each piece of jewelry, along with individual hands-on instruction.  You pick the beads you want to use for your designs.  All supplies are included in the price of this class.  Lori will have a small number of high-end "specialty beads" that you can purchase to use in your designs at an additional cost.  Or bring a piece of broken jewelry that you would like to "remake".  Lori can help you with that as well!

Kids ONLY Jewelry Workshop - This workshop is specifically designed with kids in mind, and will teach them how to make fun kids jewelry.  An adult does not need to stay during the workshop as long as your child is well behaved.  Please be prompt picking your child up as we have a second workshop schedule for the same evening, and the store will close at 5PM.  Lori Hurt will be the instructor.

Stress Management/Health Eating Workshop - Author and life coach Shirene Gentry will hold a discussion group focused on managing stress and healthy eating.  Just in time for summer company!  During this workshop, Shirene will share tips on how to handle stress in everyday situations, as well as while entertaining, and provide samples of healthy recipes from one of her cookbooks.

"Drop In" Workshop - Monthly "easy" crafting project designed for ALL AGES to complete.  You "drop in" during the scheduled workshop time and create the project with the help of our instructor.